The truck rescued from Tok, Alaska in all its vintage glory.

Ray’s Sandblasting and Custom Trucks teamed up with Pizza Trucks of Canada to take on the job... well, after we begged and pleaded with them, that is.

The bus arrives in Winnipeg and by March, 2013, we had raised the roof so an adult can stand
straight up inside.

In order for our “fixer-upper” to handle the new demands being placed on it, NYF purchased two newer “donor” buses to salvage for their mechanical parts.

The process of deconstructing and then reconstructing the bus took us to February 2014. Things were now starting to take shape. Next step... interior!

A few weeks later, our team was installing new windows, equipment and fresh paint... gotta say, we clean up pretty nice!

The remainder of May 2014 through to June 2014 was spent installing insulation, more equipment, water system, gas fittings, ventilation, all cabinetry, tables, sinks and a fire suppression system.

Our team finished off the Old ‘47 with some sweet graphics and then shipped her off to Toronto in June!

Today, our beautiful bus calls Toronto, Ontario its home. It’s used for local charity events and private functions and is for everyone to enjoy.