A story of action, romance and espionage across exotic lands. Well... not exactly, but it is one heck of a story that we’d be more than willing to sell to a Hollywood producer!

We’ve come for your fries!

A suggestion was made to the New York Mayor that Ms. Liberty would look a lot better holding a cup of New York Fries. The Mayor never returned their call.

The building of a fry empire

In 1984 New York Fries became a reality, as a Canadian corporation and started their french fry empire with their first store at the Scarborough Town Centre (still one of the most successful stores in the chain!)

Statue of Fries?

NYF stores have changed their look over the years and have never looked better. Take a peek at some of the first locations from ‘back in the day’.

We were so gorgeous then

It was 1983 when the Gould brothers encountered the “best french fries” in New York at the South Street Seaport.