NYF spoofs many with torontofries.com April Fools joke.

This past April Fools Day, New York Fries decided to tap into passionate, patriotic Canadians from coast to coast by announcing they had decided to change the name of the brand to reflect their proud Canadian roots. New York Fries was to become Toronto Fries to prevent any and all confusion that New York Fries was in fact a Canadian brand. The timing was perfect to tap into the controversial Presidential candidate Donald Trump and his hometown of New York City.

The April Fools spoof included a media press release which included having the added legitimacy of an official Tweet from Norm Kelly, Councillor for Ward 40 (Scarborough-Agincourt), social media announcements and a website homepage facelift.

The results were amazing and we were having fun in true Canadian fashion! We had a full range of responses, from complete disbelief and that this was in fact an April Fools joke to chest beating proud Canadians who applauded our decision. Reaction to our Peanut Butter and Jelly poutine were not favourable, so don't expect that on our menu any time soon.", says Alyssa Berenstein, Brand Manager, New York Fries.

Read the full Press Release below.

Canadian brand New York Fries has had just aboot enough of being mistaken for American

TORONTO, ON, April 1st - What do hockey, maple syrup and New York Fries all have in common? They’re all Canadian and none of them are threatening to build a wall.

Today, New York Fries announces their decision to rebrand under the new name TORONTO FRIES. The same real, fresh fries fans love, but with a new logo design and packaging featuring the maple leaf.

The rebrand comes after internet speculation about the birthplace of New York Fries (we have the birth certificate to prove it!) and the unappetizing politics of presidential candidate Donald Trump who calls New York home.

“This rebrand is a matter of Canadian pride! The U.S. can keep their New York and their Trump, and we’ll keep the fries,” says Alyssa Berenstein, Brand Manager, Toronto Fries.
To quote one Twitter fan:

Sorry (not sorry) America, Toronto Fries is unapologetically bringing home the cup.

Norm Kelly's tweet about TO fries.

About Toronto Fries

Toronto Fries (formerly known as New York Fries) is a retail chain specializing in premium quality, fresh-cut fries and poutine. Located in all major Canadian malls, the 155 unit chain has successfully expanded to Turkey, China, the United Arab Emirates, Macau, Kurdistan, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain with 30 international units. The brand, which recently celebrated its 31st anniversary, is a leader in the Canadian fast food market. In 2004, Toronto Fries became the first Canadian quick-service company to switch its oil to non-hydrogenated, trans-fat-free sunflower oil. In 2008, Toronto Fries won the Pinnacle Award for Franchisee Excellence, acknowledging its outstanding franchisee relations. Toronto Fries was named one of Canada’s 50 best managed companies in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. www.torontofries.com

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