Canadians’ True Colours Revealed When It Comes To Sharing French Fries

In celebration of National French Fry Day on July 13th, New York Fries commissions survey to learn about Canadian French Fry sharing habits

TORONTO, July 8, 2015 – When it comes to French fries, it seems Canadians are happy to share their French fries, but prefer to be “the moocher” rather than the buyer, a survey commissioned by New York Fries reveals.

While 84% of Canadians say they are down for sharing, 72% of those surveyed admit they encourage a friend or partner to ‘order a large fry so they can eat theirs.’

So why do Canadians like to eat other people’s fries? 34% believe they are acting selflessly, assisting the other person with the task of eating their fries. And 51% admit they lack the self control to resist a friend or partner’s fries.

Fry etiquette

Of course, Canadians are polite and do practice proper fry etiquette when taking someone else’s fries. 76% believe one must ask or wait to be offered a fry before taking one from a friend or partner’s plate. Men feel the strongest about permission-based fry sharing with 80% specifying that you must either ask or wait to be offered a fry.

Male fry resentment?

While on the surface Canadians believe you should share your fries, it seems men may not be as happy with fry sharing. 20% of males said no way to sharing fries and 33% shared they wished their friend or partner would just order their own fries. A third of men surveyed also said they’d rather share their feelings then their French fries.

Who is fry-worthy?

57% of Canadians would share their French fries with their spouse or partner over a child or a friend. Men are 21% more likely than women to share their French fries with their spouse, but women are more open to sharing their fries with anyone.

Fry games off on July 13

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About the Survey

The survey was conducted online with 479 English-speaking Canadians aged 18+ years of age, sampled from a representative research panel. The survey was completed from June 26 to July 7, 2015. The credibility interval for a sample of 479 people is +/- 4.5%, 19 times out of 20.


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